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by Cold Wrecks

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Price 02:33
Eyes meet smiles and small talk and questions And there’s no thought to the motivation you’ll need down the road You start by gambling nights then weeks and months And like a serious poker match it gets more serious Like lifetimes and I don’t know shit I didn’t want this But there was a wanting When I hadn’t wanted for anything And there are long hairs in my clothes And pillows that smell like you for days And there’s a dopamine release in my brain that I can’t stop chasing And it’s crazy how long I can last off of that I haven’t figured out lasting Lasting and leaving Neither appealing I get back to the lasting The last thing I keep are the mornings I lose the nights and the days It’s the price for love It’s the price for being loved
Kids 01:31
This is narcissistic hypocrisy They’re screaming because they’ve got something worth screaming So how can you justify hanging around with me? October morning in the Eighties Born clutching a silver spoon And though I know I didn’t earn it I’m not letting go of it anytime soon And the tears filled my eyes when he sang us that song And I stepped in your way before moving along Disgusting myself with my typical tendencies I should know better by now We’re selfish kids We’re oblivious
Suburbs 02:47
It’s funny you should ask me why I never visit home It’s just awkward that your company makes me feel more alone And I’m tired of pretending nothing’s wrong We used to get our laughs in the cheapest fucking ways It never seemed mean but I’ve been thinking back these days And I’m the one that changed Sometimes I wish you could do the same I’ve been trying to wash these words off of my lips Find something honest to replace them with And I don’t hate you, I just know you’ll never get it And you don’t have to get it And I wish you wouldn’t ask about my best laid plans You wouldn’t like the answer if I had one And your disappointed looks always keep me on the hook But I refuse to die for that This isn’t what you want But this isn’t about you This isn’t what you want I’m just trying to flush the suburbs from my blood And I’m scared that you’re the person I’ll become And I don’t hate you, I just know you’ll never get it And you don’t have to get it, you just have to respect it I’m just trying to clean the garbage from my floor Or maybe just hide behind my door And I don’t hate you, I just know you’ll never get it We’ll probably just forget it
Letters 02:38
You tore off my skin with your teeth and you shaved my face Didn’t leave any cuts with your dull pink razor blade But did you think this was serious? No, that’s not something that we get From these late night phone calls and I always let Myself get carried away With all the things you say And I drink them in Like I drink everything Careful at first but I get lost sometimes You wrote me a letter The stamp said forever But the mailman doesn’t do his job I found it buried in a newspaper with Hebrew letters It had the wrong address But I still found it buried Yeah I still read it by myself I took a kitchen knife to the envelope Slim fingers never do this right And I shut the door lay on my bed Reminds me that I always let Myself get carried away
Drawbridge 02:07
When I said I loved you You said you hoped so But I still take you phone calls And once a week I am shot dead From a stolen rifle That was well kept It’s small and it’s slow And it stings and I know That I’ve worked towards this death my whole life Breathe out Collect last thoughts Bleed out Lay down Have another conversation Say sorry Feel like Tennessee Williams When I try to explain And you all give me that look One day I won’t wait For the drawbridge I’ll gun for it anyway
Friends 02:28
I heard you lying to each other in the hallway And I hope you didn’t know it, but haven’t we been through it In high school or summer camp, college dorms or offices You won’t be upset for very long Because absence makes the heart forget The things we shared and what they meant The truth is we’re selfish, we live in the moment It hurts to admit that we couldn’t care less I wanna miss my old friends My shoulder was a swamp by the time that we were done You moved out to Washington, predictably I moved to Brooklyn And I’m not the type to keep in touch because the pressure is a little much So I’ll leave you a voicemail on your birthday Or I’ll forget to call you on your birthday Absence makes the heart forget The things we shared and what they meant I wanna miss my old friends But I don’t miss my old friends anymore So I’ll forget to call you on your birthday No, you don’t need to call me on my birthday
Heaves 02:43
I had to look around but I figured it out Am I feeling regret or am I lying again? I don’t need explanations and you didn’t need to call me I appreciate the gesture I wish I could have told you how it felt but I don’t feel much these days And when I do it’s all confused and you don’t need that shit So I’ll medicate as the noise escalates And as my house collapses to the ground, the earth starts to shake And then my mind becomes a canvas as the ink spills on the ground ‘Cause it’s the worst thing that could happen and it’s happening right now Between the cops and the creeps and the party and the heaves And the anxious piercing echo in our heads that says we’re fucked And now I know More about myself than I ever wanted to know So I’ll medicate as the noise escalates And as my house collapses to the ground The earth rocks my fevered brain I’ll make sure you never find me
Sad 01:53
She said you’re sad I said you’re sad And you’re spilling everything I don’t have to She said to be alone for a year She said that everyone will leave If I don’t get it together Like nothing Like every fight I’ve ever heard Like love Like the lie that’s told and told again Like last weeks of lives The regrets that already bore me Every door that leads to better or for worse Like walls, the structural façade Like the waiting, always waiting for the next big thing to come Like the risk I always take And I am told to take no risks And if that’s the way I live my life I’ll just end up like this Making midnight calls and offerings and breathless arguments The venom that I can produce The holes I wear in all my shoes And I know we does this to ourselves And I know how we all wind up I know that we’re all worse for wondering The work our own hands can produce The better side of all bad news
Down 03:09
Staring down an empty tunnel Staring down my empty eyes Searching for something you swear you’ve seen before But just can’t seem to find anymore And when I let you down You’ll see it coming from a mile away A mile away And when I let you down You’ll see it coming from a mile away And I’ll bet that you can see it now And I’m chasing the serotonin I haven’t felt since – oh god, how long has it been? And then we started to walk, but then it started to rain And then we started to talk, but then you started to cry And now I’m starting to get comfortable again And you hope And you pray And you swear I’ll come around one day
Fistfight 03:19
Biting my tongue is not what it’s like Bury my body and write what’s unresolved on a chalkboard And have the kids try to work out my problems You can see enough to know What’s hardly there But sometimes you crash You crash anyway If I don’t tell you how I feel I already have a foot out the door If I’m going down it’s for real It’s not with a smile, no It’s a fist fight in a park I stop short of telling you to leave Are you on someone else’s hook? Pierced through your soft cheek When you have the reel The handle has a different feel
Montreal 02:42
Kate said she didn’t have tattoos But when she was young she drew All over her arms and legs She knew what to do But Canada’s far and I’ve done this thing enough A nice night is so much Our maps were our lead ups The lines across lands The touch of hands on hands And not much else Montreal I remember it all And let’s keep it between you and me No bitter New York No prospect park I miss the accents And I know it wouldn’t last If I stayed But I liked The first time And old friends Again and again I watched you tattoo Watched you bruise Keep you covered Keep you new With last moments and hobbled plans The longest nights when I couldn’t stand And a cab that I did not hail Stopped to take me home How I did not know I emptied my pockets and I walked slow When I did leave I always leave And you’re better off without me
Broken 04:35
It’s a tragedy, they say That memories decay But I remember remembering pain And disappearing seems okay November’s passing by And for once I haven’t cried But I can never shake the images That reside on the backs of my eyelids And I, I was weightless And the saddest thing I’ve ever seen Was you crying alone on the doorstep And begging me to say That this was just a bad, bad dream This was just a sick, sick joke But it was just a cold, cold night And you were broken It was five years to the day And I remember that look in your eyes And we didn’t feel okay We watched balloons rising up to the sky And I never keep in touch I just get bummed out in my room This silence is a crutch And I won’t be seeing you soon And they, they were weightless And I wished they could carry us with them And I wonder if you were waiting For anyone to say That this was just a bad, bad dream This was just a sick, sick joke But it was just a cold, cold night And you were broken And this disease is the only thing that’s keeping me alive But I’ve been living here alone with it for too much time So please, please, please distract me


released July 11, 2016

CJ Dunaieff - Drums, Percussion
Craig Shay - Vocals, Bass
Matan Uchen - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Mike Vizzi - Vocals, Guitar

Freya Wilcox - Vocals (Track 9)

Recorded April 2016 at Cannon Found Soundation in Union City, NJ
Produced and Engineered by Jesse Cannon and Mike Oettinger
Mixed and Mastered by Jesse Cannon

Artwork by Ilana Hope

Music by Dunaieff, Shay, Uchen, and Vizzi
Lyrics by Shay and Vizzi


all rights reserved



Cold Wrecks Brooklyn, New York

Cold Wrecks deliver emotional catharsis with a delirious grin, with frantic songs about growing, coping, freaking out, and learning. The band is the result of far-too-long-lasting friendships, and their top priority is to just, like, make sure everyone is having a nice/safe/affirming/fun time, you know? ... more


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